A Canadian Vision Begins…

Hello my fellow Canadians,

I have been aggressively learning and studying all my life. Starting at my legendary elementary school; before moving on to secondary and post-secondary institutions, I have been adamant about learning numerous subjects. In doing so, I figured it would enhance my knowledge of the world, while also refining my capacity to understand the perspectives of others. With this integrated knowledge and understanding, I believe I can lead and serve the best interests of our country. Without hindering the individual tastes, preferences or freedoms of any citizen, I can support more universal human values. Cultivating higher levels of nutrition, education and cooperation in our nation, with fellow Canadians whose motivations align, will help improve the quality of life in Canada.

At the moment, our culture is in a very precarious position. Our economy has been compromised by the financial industry to a point where the individual who contributes the most positive value to society does not earn highest compensation; in many cases this is an inverse relationship. Our physical, mental and social health, along with the health of our environment is being degraded daily. The nutritional quality of the food being farmed, purchased and consumed in highest quantity is of low value causing an output of numerous chronic diseases. Furthermore, excessive mental demands on both children and adults continue to diminish our attention, energy, compassion and awareness, resulting in scattered thinking, bouts of inactivity or depression, as well as a casual uncertainty in life purpose and direction.

All of this unfolds for my generation as many are getting married, buying a home and starting a family. It must also be noted that the Boomers, approximately a third of our population, are now leaving the active workforce and becoming passive dependents on pensions, social services and the health care system. In the next two decades our workforce will shrink to half the size and need to support twice as many dependents. I speak of these issues not to produce fear or worry, but to recruit the attention of mature adults and start offering solutions. A succession of leadership is occurring in this country from one generation to the next. Over the next 20 years, we will determine the future for our children.

I have intentionally developed my education and career for one purpose: to help transition our country through this large demographic shift and assure that the process is one of revitalization. I want our children to inherit a healthier culture and enter the workforce under better social and economic conditions. I hope this is not my vision alone, but A Canadian Vision. I will begin sharing my ideas by writing a blog series that relates to a video I created while teaching an animation class. The highly differentiated video is entitled “A Better Way” and portrays a shift in cultural values necessary, in order for us to pass on a sustainable future to the next generation. The blog series begins now and will unfold via twitter and the ACV facebook page. With this opening letter, A Canadian Vision begins.

Happy Canada Day and enjoy the video below!!!

Matthew Ferguson

Click here to watch - ”A Better Way”


Blog #1 - The Mature Shift in Values


  1. Mike Z. says:


    Brother, what a blog, what a video, AND WHAT A MESSAGE! That was extremely inspirational!!

    I support what you are doing and if I can help you I will. So don’t hesitate to ask.

    All love, all ways, always.

  2. Wendy Qiao says:

    Thumb up! Great blog and great video!

  3. Asante Haughton says:

    Interesting…interesting indeed. Good job my man. :)

    Canada needs more like you…and less of…well less of what seems like everyone in Canadian politics at the moment–what a mess! Keep spread your message with zeal, because when you plant the seeds and tend the fields dutifully, consistently, and with care, then the fruits of your labour will be born.

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